Holistic Facial Massage in East Anglia – Essex, Suffolk, Colchester, Ipswich.

If you live in Colchester area or in Essex or Suffolk you could have luxurious holistic facial massage. Holistic facial massage has wonderful benefits for all people. It could help to release tension, improve circulation and leave you feeling better and whats also important – younger. Holistic facial massage is  a strong anti-aging therapy. It relaxes muscles, drain toxins via lymphatic system, improves circulation,  increases endorphins / endorphins – hormones that help you to feel well, comfortable and relaxed/,  reduce stress and anxiety.

Lymphatic drainage massage appeared relatively recently. French doctor Pascal Kosh created this massage to reduce oedema in patients after surgery. It was found that it is beneficial in cases of venous insufficiency and in cosmetology. The lymphatic system is a crucial part of your immune system. Through a network of hundreds of lymph nodes, it drains fluid called lymph to be transported back into your bloodstream.
Where there is any kind of obstruction in your lymphatic system, fluid can start to build up. That is where lymphatic drainage — a specialized type of massage therapy — could be helpful.

The lymphatic system has thousands of little nodes, which carry toxins from different organs and tissues to the blood stream. But if the blood circulation has a pump – heart – lymphatic system does not have one. That’s why it is so important to detox your lymphatic system regularly, otherwise it will be stagnated. Massage is a wonderful natural tool of detoxifying of your lymphatic system and this could help you to have better health and younger appearance.
For the majority of woman face is an extremely important part of the body, maybe the most important. Its not only because we face the world with our own faces, but also because lot of us believe that there is a connection between the face and the character, the inner world of the person. Does face really reflect the inner world – its a big question, is it true that the visible and invisible are connected?
With age face is changing because of the external / climate,  weather, place of living, botox injections, plastic surgery, tan, etc/ and internal reasons / diseases  depression, grief , smoking, alcoholism ets/. Winkles appear, and its nothing wrong if there are some expression winkles on your face, they  emphasize your personality. Faces with small expression winkles  are much better and natural than the frozen botox doll  faces. It is very important to age with dignity and respect to your own face. Appearances are deceptive, and nevertheless we want to look great, as we believe that beautiful face increases the positive response to the person.
Holistic facial massage will help you to have a really well groomed face and better health.

30 minutes facial massage -£45

1 hour facial massage – £60

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If you have a facial massage – there is 20% discount for all products.

If you live in Ipswich Suffolk, Colchester Essex home visits are available.