Recipies from the kitchen

Natural Way To Lighten The Skin

Brown spots look like a statement on your face that you are old. For many women they are even more upsetting that wrinkles.

Brown spots and discoloration on your face could be very upsetting, but if you love sun and outdoor lifestyle they are nearly guaranteed.
Pigmentations on your face produced by melanin, a natural pigment, if too much melanin is produced in on your cheeks or forehead, the result is a brown spot /hyper pigmentation/. These spots could be blotchy brown spots, or small spots that appear on the face, hands and forearms. Different reasons – too much tanning, skin inflammation diseases could cause these upsetting pigmentations.
Before going to the doctors and start the Skin Whitening Program with laser treatment or harmful skin applications you could try natural face masks from your kitchen.

But for natural treatment to be successful you should limit time of tanning and use sunscreen lotion especially in summer.


  1.  1/2  tea spoon of lime juice add 3 tea spoons of spring water, add flour and make this as paste, mix it, lie down and apply on clean face for 15 minutes, then rinse it with water.
  2. Cut the cucumber in very thin slices, lie down and apply the slices on the clean face for 20 minutes. Then take them off and rinse the face with spring water.